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The seeds of this K9 adventure were sown in childhood by a Welsh Grandfather who relied on amazing sheepdogs to look after his sheep. A childhood spent around sheepdogs & police dogs created an instinctive drive to find a suitably meaningful professional life that revolved around police dogs. That personal journey as a police officer began in 1986 & before long Mark was working with his own Police K9 partners where commendations began to accumulate, along with a reputation for always being in the right place at the right time.

In 1999 Police Dog Rocky & GSD Sasha helped us to begin a new chapter and since then we have been successfully working with wonderful dogs who have grown up to be amazing police dogs & wonderful family guardians.

Our K9 family represent the very best of German Shepherd heritage. The family history of each K9 is rooted in police dog excellence that can be traced back over a 100 years. For instance as far back as 1909 our K9 ancestors were serving with the Vienna Police Department.

Our part in that illustrious history is simple, we work hard to bring together characters who do not just have exceptional genetics but also amazing spirit.

Our objective is to be the guardians of a particular standard of K9, where tactical brilliance & intelligence is expressed alongside social integrity and a huge capacity to love. Even our bravest & boldest Police Dog will always be at heart a much loved member of a family who has the capacity to respond to extreme violence without losing the capacity to protect the vulnerable.  

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